Audrey Daumain

Elevating humanity and meaning in the workplace
through Real Impact Executive Coaching 


Elevating Humanity and Meaning in the Workplace.
That’s what I am devoted to do with you, and your teams.

We are facing such a great deal of cultural evolution at work: diversity and inclusion, multi-generational teams, digital transformations (to quote just a few), that management styles and employee engagement strategies are under constant pressure to cope with the repetitive tsunamis of change.

Experience and many research statistics show that most conflicts, under-performances, resignations, and mental health issues at work can be prevented, healed or at the very least much better managed thanks to healthy human communication practice.

The journeys we are taking together bring you exactly that: new, fresh and thought-provoking perspectives and solutions to familiar obstacles, more choices and more opportunities to better apprehend day to day situations and effectively communicate with each other.

Real Impact Executive Coaching for Individuals and Teams focuses on communication practices. It challenges your thinking in just the right way, strengthens your impact, gives a new sustainable impulse to your teams.

It brings back Humanity and Meaning into what we do. It boosts trust, transparency and performance.

Hi, I’m Audrey

Welcome to a safe space where business, performance and strategy finally fully embrace personalities, inner motivation and meaningful purpose.

The result? A new unstoppable you.

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…quite simply, brilliant

What I do

Real Impact Executive

Individual Coaching

An absolutely unique coaching experience tailored around your needs, motivations and goals. Helping you understand how you function, reconnect with what is meaningful to you and accurately express your intentions. This will drive you to not only inspire and successfully manage teams, building momentum and trust,  it will also enable you to evolve as a more impactful, inspiring professional. 

Real Impact Executive

Team Coaching

Independently of the level of talent, vision and experience CEOs have, a successful company fully relies on successful teams.  Real Impact Executive Team coaching and events take various shapes to suit your objectives: reset the fundamentals of high performing teams: trust, establish common communication grounds and align individual and collective intentions to not only boost results and performance but also ensure team members well-being and development.

Strategic Change Consulting

Whether you’re taking on a large project or simply need a trusted advisor to guide you, I apply my experience in project management and coaching to help you become a Leader of change, whatever the scope.

Here’s what happy clients have to say:

Michel, Director, Legal & HR

“Incredible interpersonal skills and a deep experience of modern business solutions. Excellence and result driven attitude”

Chris, CEO, Aesthetics & Pharma Company

“Audrey is a great fun, passionate professional. Her commitment to her clients, thorough understanding of institutional sales and her reliable and highly responsive style have greatly impacted our business”

Mark, Blockchain Venture Capital Fund

“I have had many occasions to witness Audrey’s diligence, professionalism and dedication to her clients. Her capacity to develop strong partnerships notably came to the fore. Charismatic and personable, Audrey is a reliable strategic partner, with solid experience on the ground”

Anna, Head of Human Resources, International Private Bank

Audrey’s punchy style is wonderfully refreshing”

Louise, Director, Electronic Monitoring Company

“I was blown away by Audrey’s attention to detail and strong people skills. The results of our collaboration far exceeded our expectations and we had an overwhelming positive response from both the customer and colleagues alike”

Sabine, Board Member, International Private Bank

“I loved working with Audrey. She is the kind of person you can work seriously with and have a lot of fun at the same time”

Fanny, Head of Recruitment, International Private Bank

I have experienced something I never knew existed: BE

Gwendolyn, Head of Internal Communications, Institutional Sales

Audrey is a connector of individuals; she is the lynchpin that brought us as a team, really together

Stefan, CEO, Telecommunications Company

If you want to remember something truly valuable from your team’s offsite, get her”

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