In perpetual quest of new ways to infuse positive energy

I work with smart, ambitious people to achieve tangible, sustainable  behavior changes and boost individual and collective well-being and performances.

My exclusive tailor-made approach is entirely built to help us deeply (re)connect with ourselves and then to others in order to build healthy, caring, impactful and federating behaviors in the workplace. 

Together, we challenge our thinking and shake up traditional views on communication and teamwork, embarking on new incredible ways to work much smarter and more efficiently.

Hi, I’m Audrey!

This is my journey

I was born and raised in France, spent 12 years in London and finally moving to Geneva in 2010.

Throughout my whole journey, I felt the irresistible need to learn and discover. Good at school, leading in the courtyard. Later eager, curious, ambitious, caring, fearless. Life hasn’t always been easy (is it ever?) but today I feel incredibly grateful to be able to truly connect to my real purpose and support others in their own life journeys.

After twenty years of international professional experience in Investments and Private Banking, I realized that no matter how incredible the strategy and how clear the objectives might be (in the best of cases…!), nothing happens without… people. I therefore decided to really spend time observing and learning how we all function both individually and collectively in the workplace.

In 2013, I moved from operational and client facing roles to the people side of change in the context of Program Management and Digital Transformation.

Since then, it has been an incredible personal and professional journey. I have successfully managed CHF multi-million transformation projects, deployed international employee engagement and communication strategies, and, more recently I decided to take the jump and build my own business. I developed an executive performance program based non-violent communication (NVC)  and  New Code Neuro-Linguistic Programming with resounding success, both in Switzerland and internationally.

I am also currently writing an autobiography to share my experiences and life journey with the deep intention to inspire and guide others in their own journey into love, meaning and resilience.

A certified PROSCI practitioner, I am also an NLP New Code coach and a certified DISC facilitator.  None of these great credentials would stand a chance in serving my coaching purpose without the powerful Non-Violent Communication principles and the inspiring Map of Meaning.

I am so pleased that you are here and looking forward to hearing your story.


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