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Better, together

Different people bring their own energies, skills and vision of the world into the team – and really,  that’s the best part. Bringing them together and making them work as one team is an incredibly meaningful and rewarding experience as a Leader.

Real Impact Team Coaching Experiences challenge everyone to rethink the way we communicate and examine more closely our individual and collective inner intentions  – a successful cocktail towards sustainable, impactful and highly rewarding performances.

Team Experiences

The Power of Intentions

A dynamic and interactive workshop that shakes your pre-conceived ideas about effective communication. We explore how to better listen, to put real words on our intentions, understand other people’s frame of mind and motivation levers to better engage and perform together.

In 2 to 3 half-days, we’ll cover fascinating matters all relating to building bridges towards meaningful and successful professional relationships.

Management Extraordinary Fundamentals

Take a very different approach from traditional management seminars with this 3 half-days management team experience. We will focus on:

  • The clarification of what it means to “manage and /or lead”- to you
  • The identification and welcoming of emotions
  • The discovery and clear expression of real intentions
  • The thorough understanding of the compatibility between personalities and management styles
  • The visualisation and actioning of the impact you wish to have on your environment and the people around you
  • The importance of active listening and inter-personal relationships with the team

Jazz up your Team Events

It is a well-known fact that traditional teams off-sites rarely leave a notable and sustainable footprint on your teams and organization. In this alternative experience, I have built a unique experience that can be tailored from 1 to 3 days around three key pillars:

Our Differences, our Unity & our Enablement.

Our Differences

Understanding each team member’s communication styles, motivation levers, needs and fears through 1-1 coaching sessions prior to the event. Clients love to support this part with DISC assessments and team compatibility reports.

Our Unity

This part is a wonderful way to rediscover each other – as team members and as a team leader. We work together through fully customized (and fun!) group workshops, made of self-reflexion exercises and role-plays to discover common grounds and reach a high level of understaning of how we all function. This prompts the team to see some of the issues they experience in an entire new light, thus building trust and and a strong solution focused mindset. A true opportunity to review how we engage with each other and reach our objectives.

Our Enablement

The latter part of the group experience focuses on how you can best use this newly shared balance to enhance performance, boost team energy and therefore better impact internal and external clients. How do we then enable this team to be recognized as a driving force within the organization?

Around these pillars, together we build a fully customized and energising offsite which will change not only the way managers address their teams but also the way teams hear, receive and integrate their hierarchy’s and peers’ objectives and vision. Your team feels aligned, galvanized and full of hope towards the opportunities and challenges ahead of them!

Meet your coach

Audrey Daumain

I work with passion and conviction to empower my clients in finding their own paths to success in their life and work. Together, we reshape ways of thinking, embrace differences and learn to realign actions with intentions. We build up resilience and inner serenity to deliver better, faster and more meaningful work in a world in constant change.

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