Real Impact Executive Individual Coaching

Unique impactful coaching programmes for unique fulfilling personal journeys

Performance Coaching

A journey towards thinking and acting with meaning and purpose, performance coaching often focuses on:

Motivation & Resilience

  • Finding your motivation levers and level of resilience
  • Clearly identifying stress factors and overcoming performance blockages
  • Learning how to express emotions in any circumstances including challenging times


  • Putting words on what is important to you both as an individual and as an employee
  • Aligning yours and your company’s ambitions towards a more meaningful professional experience
  • Exploring how to reach more autonomy in enjoying your work

Working with others

  • Understanding your own map of the world and logical structures to  communicate with others with empathy and impact
  • Learning what and how to prioritize to better apprehend individual and team workload strategically
  • Exploring how to enhance team levels of trust and engagement

Strategic Coaching

Leaders and managers often need help articulating and shaping their vision to make it actionable by others. Every coaching is an aboslutely unique experience. We could focus on:

Visionary Leadership


  • Turning ideas and concepts into actionable objectives for you and your team
  • Visionary leadership development to set meaningful direction and a dynamic working pace
  • Thrive in harder times by leading with empathy, impact and conviction

Leading others

  • Harmonizing individual aspirations with team objectives 
  • Actively sponsoring change and a high performance culture at all times
  • Identify what makes people tick to facilitate team engagement, employee development towards a higher retention rate

Business Maternity Real Impact Coaching Program

I have witnessed and experienced the stress and unthinkable guilt that women feel when having to manage a rewarding but demanding executive role and the wonderful extension of themselves.

Guilt and fear overtake pride and love.

I have also witnessed  well-intended managers feeling powerless and confused.

Anger and frustration overtake care and reason.

In Switzerland, 6% of women resign after their maternity leave. 1 in 10 is bluntly discriminated when returning to work. (Bass report for the Office Federal des Assurances Sociales, 2018).

Get in touch for more information about my Real Impact Business Maternity Coaching Program, taking care of both sides of the deal, managers and mums-to-be, together all the way.

This is not a medical advice service but a strategic performance coaching aimed to welcome and manage emotions, facilitate dialogues and promote meaningful planning.

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Audrey Daumain

I work with passion and conviction to empower my clients in finding their own paths to success in their life and work. Together, we reshape ways of thinking, embrace differences and learn to realign actions with intentions. We build up resilience and inner serenity to deliver better, faster and more meaningful work in a world in constant change.


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